Burnt Limestone

Burnt Limestone

We have gained specialization in formulating Burnt Limestone, which is doled out with the appropriate chemical and physical properties. We are counted among the chief Manufacturers and Suppliers of Burnt Limestone in Mumbai. We can also make available Calcined Dolomite Lime of superior quality. These chemicals are coming to the aid of cements & mortars and steel & glass industries. We offer them enclosed in quality containers via shipment.

Applications :

  • Neutralizer of acids
  • Paint Industries : widely used in the manufacture of cement paint. It is also used as a filler.
  • Steel Industries : Burnt Lime is used as a flux in steel plants, metallurgical plants and refractories thus making it integral to metal manufacture.
  • Sugar Industries : used as Ca (OH) and Burnt Lime for removal of dirt puma and PH corrections.
  • Paper industries : Used as coagulant, Burnt Lime aids in manufacture of sheet with grass and waste paper. Hydrated Lime is used for bleaching the same.
  • Water treatment plants
  • Leather & textile industries : A cleaning agent in he leather manufacture process, lime is used to remove raw skin and thus obtain clean leather.
  • ETP plants
  • To make Fly Ash Bricks and For construction
  • Other Industries
  • Quick Lime/Burnt Lime/Calcined Lime (Cao)
  • Business Specific Details
  • Available Size : 200 / 300 Mesh & Lump Form


It is manufactured from Rajasthan Limestone in lump form of the following detailed specifications :

% of lime as CaO >80
Acid Insoluble % 1.5(max)
Magnesia as MgO % 1.5
Metal Oxides as Fe2O3 & Al2O3)% 0.25 (max.)
L.O.I (Loss on Ignition)% 7.0(max)
Reactivity (4N HCl) 350ml
Brightness% 70-75
Sizes 10 - 100mm
Packing Once used Jumbo Bag/
Laminated PP/HDPE Bag


Calcium Oxide Powder

Specifications Orient Blocks
% of Available lime as CaO +85
Acid insolubles % 1.0 (Max.)
Magnesium as MgO % 1.0 (Max.)
R2O3 % 0.15 (Max.)
Mesh (BSS) 200
Reactivity Time 60°C 15minutes
Packing Once used Laminated PP/HDPE bag,
Jumbo bag as per demand

Lime Stone

We mine chemical grade Limestone of Rajasthan belt having following typical analysis : 

CaCO3% 96
MgO% 1.2
Fe2O3 & Al 2O3% 0.2
Silica(max.) % 2
Others% 0.6

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